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Global 17Tbps
DDOS capacity

Dive into our expansive cutting-edge 17Tbit DDoS Protection and mitigation network, which boasts default Anycast support and is fortified with comprehensive DDoS Protection. Each of our datacenters are specially chose to ensure the most redundency and uptime ensuring your services enjoy unmatched uptime.

Based on powerful system




Powerful cachine system to ensure pages load 75% quicker than API while ensuring the latest of data.


Community Imports

Select from a selection of already made rules, filters and groups to save you the pain staking task of creating one by one.


Mass Actions

Creating, Updating & Deleting of rules or filters can be done one by one, or simply click a tickbox to use mass actions.


Discord Bot

Gain real-time notifications for on-going attacks via our Discord bot for you and your clients.


Attack Details

View a detailed breakdown for each attack showing every port or service an attack is targeting.


Beautiful Panel

Our panel is designed to be simple and easy to use, with a modern and clean look.

Manage everything from a single dashboard

A dashboard that gives you a complete overview of your network and the ability to manage everything from a single place.

Our Global Footprint

We have data centers located around the world to provide the best service for our customers.


General inquiries

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