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Choosing the correct cloud product can be just as difficult as finding the right cloud provider. Goodleaf cloud engineers are standing by ready to chat with you to assist putting you in the correct product whether it be Bare Metal Cloud, Cloud Instances, Private Cloud, Colocation, or a mix of all.

Bare Metal Cloud

Achieve unparalleled performance without any sacrifices. Our fully automated and scalable platform serves as the perfect cornerstone for your infrastructure needs.

The Bare Metal Cloud seamlessly integrates dedicated servers with the adaptability and efficiency of cloud computing. Cloud functionalities like hourly billing, API-based management, and rapid provisioning are harmonized with secure, high-performance, single-tenant dedicated servers across our global facilities. With our Bare Metal Cloud, customers can swiftly deploy dedicated servers worldwide in minutes, complete with unrestricted access to the server's OS and resources. Our extensive hardware inventory encompasses a diverse range, from high-performance compute to bulk storage servers, ensuring you can provision any requirement instantly!


Expand your infrastructure rapidly from coast to coast. Join us in leveraging our expansive network and state-of-the-art datacenter facilities to scale alongside your business effortlessly.

Colocation services cater to individuals and businesses possessing their own hardware but seeking a secure data center environment for system operations. Typically, clients utilizing such services are seasoned companies equipped with advanced expertise in server and network management. Our offerings range from single slots to quarter, half, and multiple cabinets, extending even to private cages. Clients benefit from reduced overheads as they assume responsibility for network management and hardware failures down to the server level. Additionally, our on-site technicians are readily available to provide remote hands assistance at a nominal hourly rate, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Cloud Instances

Pioneering instant deployments since the beginning. Our scalable, dependable, high-performance OpenStack Cloud provides secure virtualized hosting.

Cloud Instances are virtual machines provisioned on either shared or dedicated compute blades within our OpenStack cloud, seamlessly integrated with a vast elastic storage cluster. Tailored for workloads not demanding the resources of a dedicated bare-metal server, this shared space environment offers ideal flexibility. The elasticity inherent in Cloud Instances enables precise resource allocation, allowing you to pay only for what you require and effortlessly scale your compute and storage resources as needed. Built on robust open-source cloud technology, this multi-tenant solution ensures uninterrupted operation through live migration in case of hardware failure, virtually eliminating any downtime. Our instances boast advanced features including OpenStack APIs, redundant storage, flexible billing, network ACLs, and instant provisioning, ensuring a comprehensive and dynamic cloud computing experience.

Our Global Footprint

We have data centers located around the world to provide the best service for our customers.


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